[Bel Ami] Derek,Giulio & Andrei

[Bel Ami] Derek,Giulio & Andrei
22:37 Sep 23, 2022
Although Andrei tells us that this was Giulio's first scene it is in fact his 3rd, but it is his first 3way and also the first time he has worked with director Marty Stevens. He is here today with buddy Derek Caravaggio, who thought it would be a good idea if they made it a 3way instead of a normal couple (we did go back later and film Andrei and Giulio together as well). Andrei is the top today for both of the others and it seems that he has his work cut out for him and works up quite a sweat trying to keep 2 asses satisfied.  Although seeing Giulio is always a treat, it is Derek who shines in this scene that we could descrive as 'training by example' as he ends up quite literally covered in cum from head to ass! 

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