[ChaosMen] Christian Wilde & Isaac X

[ChaosMen] Christian Wilde & Isaac X
18:05 Jan 15

We find Isaac X and Christian Wilde making out on the bed. Christian loves tongue-play, so he quickly starts tongue-fucking Isaac's mouth, taking control of the situation and grabbing hold of Isaac's jaw. Isaac pulls Christian's hard cock out of his briefs and wastes no time getting on his knees to suck and throat Christian's dick. Isaac adds some spit to the mix, and Christian helps get things moving by pushing on the back of Isaac's head and grabbing Isaac's jawline again, guiding Isaac further down his shaft. It's not long before the two are fully up-to-speed, with Christian fucking Isaac's face while Christian plays with his own nipples. Isaac flips around on the bed and gives Christian access to his ass. Christian pulls Isaac's briefs down just far enough so that he can plunge his tongue deep into Isaac's hole. Isaac clearly loves it as he reaches around and grabs the back of Christian's head, pulling it deeper and deeper into his hole as Christian remarks about how "sweet" it tastes. Isaac flips on to his back and Christian positions himself to start plowing into Isaac's ass. Isaac asks Christian to go slowly at first, but it definitely doesn't take long for Christian to plunge his hard cock deep into Isaac's hungry hole. Christian calls Isaac a "cock whore" as Christian starts gently slapping Isaac's face. Isaac encourages him to keep going, so Christian takes it up a notch by placing his hands around Isaac's neck for some gently breath-play. Isaac gets onto all-fours as Christian continues to punish Isaac's hole. Christian uses Isaac's shoulders for some leverage as Christian throws his head back in ecstasy. The two get into a modified spoon-fucking position and Christian continues the playful "abuse" as he chokes and slaps Isaac. Isaac is loving every minute of it as he plays with his cock and takes a pounding. Christian gets onto his knees and plows deeper into Isaac's ass before pulling out and blasting an impressive load all over Isaac's cock and balls. Isaac strokes their cocks together before the two share a kiss.

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